2011-03-29 15:23:36GLOBAL WARMING TEST by Geocraft (of 'co2 was higher in the past' fame)
John Cook


Someone from the Union of Concerned Scientists pointed this out to me:


A bundle of misinformation cleverly packaged into a 10 question quiz. Wonder if it's worthwhile blogging about this - perhaps similar to that powerpoint, showing the arguments and one liners? Or a creative approach?

2011-03-29 15:39:18
Glenn Tamblyn


More of Monte Hieb's work. The diagram of Paleo CO2 vs Temps has been thrown at me dozens of times. Also question 10 is referencing mid tropospheric satellite temps which as I described in my recent post are biased by stratospheric cooling.

Interestingly he doesn't draw any conclusion at the end. Just leaves it to the reader.

I wouldn't have thought he was worth debunking if it wasn't how often I have had a link to him thrust under my nose. Probably can be short and sharp though. Links to existing blogs and  general comentary about its strawmen and the misleading nature of the questions.

Out own test? Maybe a parody of his pointing out the fallacies?

2011-03-30 02:52:05seen it
Dana Nuccitelli

I think this quiz has been around for a long time, or at least a similar version of it.  I'm not sure it's worth the effort of responding to.  I doubt it gets much traffic.

Glenn - we do have our own quiz, though not related to this one.