2011-03-27 09:20:06Scientific papers on climate science


I have a program for registrating scientific papers in a formal way - it has been used by a couple of scientific institutions in Norway. Related to this a formal registration of authors. The program can provide a reference list by author and category in a scientific way as well as detailed view of both.

It may provide an easy interface to climate research papers as well as references with link to details. The program may be used to provide a formal reference list on articles in SkS, with link to details.

The interface would provide a searchable pop up window, and a copy paste function from the list and to the article.

Is this of interest? It would of course require registration of the papers so there is related work, but it would look nice.

The referenced publication will appear as scientific papers are referenced in any scientific publication, with links to more information on the referenced publication.

I'll provide a video of how this can work if you find it interesting.