2011-03-23 20:47:16Getting sucked in by a right wing hoaxter
John Cook


Earlier this week, I got an email from Steve Lewandowsky who had received an email from blogger Alene Composta, deeply upset because she was attacked by climate deniers on her blog. Steve asked if I had any thoughts or advice so I emailed a few comments which he passed on. The result was this post on Alene Composta's blog:


I tweeted it then James Wight quickly informed me that Alene Composta was actually a hoax website, probably run by a right winger parodying extreme left wing views (many thanks James!). I immediately deleted the tweet but the cat was out of the bag by then. One denier posted this tweet:

And you see this as a green tactic when John Cook of @ got pwned by Alene Composta - refuse to reply or debate.

This was picked up by the Daily Telegraph, one of the newspapers here in Australia:

Warmist John Cook, who is “skeptical about global warming skepticism”, ought to try the same approach in other areas:

The take-home I get from this, which was kind of a policy of mine anyway, is assume anything you write will one day be published and used against you by people eager to exploit anything to score political points. There's nothing I wrote in that email that I mind being seen in public and it was all written from the heart - as far as I knew, Steve was asking me to comfort and provide advice for a deeply hurting person.

Nevertheless, I will be more conscious and alert about the words I type in emails (and on this forum). Sadly, the whole incident has made me a more suspicious, cynical person. I kind of resent that I now have to view any person that approaches me with suspicion until I can “vet” their motives.

2011-03-23 21:08:29
Rob Painting

Yes, saw that original exchange. Sadly plenty of dirtbags out there, especially the ones wearing a suit and a tie. 

2011-03-24 02:40:14skeptics
Dana Nuccitelli

If the "skeptics" were really skeptical, they might stop to think about what it says about their "side" that Alene's story was so believable.

2011-03-24 03:02:16
Paul D


I have to say, that after reading a few posts on that blog, it does seem to be written in a strange way and if I were pretending to be something I wasn't that might be the result.

To sum up, social worker (how stereo typical can you get??), whines about the neighbours and accuses everyone of destroying the planet, with earthquakes and volcanoes being the earths response.

Who would complain about the neighbours and post a photo of themselves?

2011-03-24 12:46:55Ick. Got any Clorox?


My sympathies.

2011-03-28 21:32:09Jo Nova pauses to gloat
John Cook


Methinks Compostagate will be milked as much as possible: