2011-03-22 09:25:24Good energy: Our online goldmines of information: Skeptical Science
John Cook



When it comes to information, for many people the virtual world is the only one that really matters. But with such a wealth of resources literally at our fingertips it’s tough to filter out the fluff. So during Climate Week we’ll be showcasing some of the best green and ethical digital resources out there.

First up is an award-winning blog originating in Australia taking on the climate sceptics. Skeptical Science puts the sceptics’ arguments under serious scrutiny.

It’s a fantastic resource, providing intelligent, balanced and revealing articles and giving us non-scientists some great ammo in the armoury to take on even the meanest of climate change deniers. Available on Twitter and even as a Smartphone App, there’s no need to ever be lost for words in a climate change debate again.

I don't think SkS has actually won any awards yet though, have we?
(ps - I hope you all voted in the GMU Climate Communicator of the Year award :-)

2011-03-22 09:41:24award-winning
Dana Nuccitelli

I don't think SkS has actually won any awards yet though, have we?

Let's ask the site owner.  Oh, wait...

2011-03-22 09:48:17
Paul D


I used them for my electricity a few years ago, but after about a year or two I switched to ecotricity.

Good energy don't build or own much themselves, where as ecotricity build stuff.

Dale Vince the owner of ecotricity has his own blog and built his own electric car (or rather he got some engineers to do it):

2011-03-22 17:47:57
Ari Jokimäki


You did win the Woody Guthrie award.

2011-03-22 17:54:30Ah yes, forgot about that!
John Cook


Ok, one award. Go us!