2011-03-18 15:05:05Just sent LTE to Washington Times
John Cook


Terrible article in Washington Times:

So I just submitted a LTE via http://www.washingtontimes.com/letters-to-the-editor/

There are a number of misconceptions presented in the editorial "Ending the global-warming argument", which suggests "the Climategate e-mail scandal exposed how Mr. Mann’s graph used “a trick” to “hide the decline” in global temperatures". If one takes the time to read the actual email and understand the science discussed, you find:

1. The "decline" is not a decline in global temperature. It refers to a decline in tree-ring density at some high latitude locations.

2. Mr Mann's "trick" has nothing to do with "hide the decline". Mann's "trick" is the simple technique of plotting instrumental temperature on the same graph as past temperature reconstructions. This places recent global warming trends in the context of temperature changes over longer time scales. There is nothing nefarious about this technique, Mann's graphs are always clearly labelled.

3. The "decline" in tree-ring density has been openly discussed in the peer-reviewed literature since 1995 and the tree-ring density data is freely downloadable on the Internet.

It is breathtaking how much misinformation can be contained in a single sentence. I look forward to the Washington Times correcting this error.

More details on the common misconceptions associated with "hide the decline" along with references can be found at http://sks.to/decline

Not optimistic it'll get in but we have to try. Anyone else want to submit their own feedback, particularly U.S. readers, got to get a chorus of voices pressuring the newspaper.

2011-03-18 15:15:06Wash Times
Dana Nuccitelli

The Washington Times is like the Fox News of newspapers.  It's a rag.  I don't think anyone outside the ultra-right wing takes it seriously.

2011-03-18 15:19:05Trash Times
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

When I lived in Washington DC it was considered the National Enquirer of daily print.  The comics section was the only saving grace, along with the crossword puzzle.  The rest went into the composter. 

So what Dana said, only double.