2011-03-18 16:01:08A good laugh courtesy of WUWT readers
Dana Nuccitelli

I was just perusing WUWT to see if there's anything worth adding to the database, and came upon a gem.  Watts links to a post by globalwarming.org complaining about Waxman, Markey, and Inslee's opposition to the Republican's attempt to repeal the laws of physics.  Watts then quotes the end of the post, which is a summary of how globalwarming.org views the Democrats' argument.  Basically it's a typical characature of how conservatives and deniers believe liberals and AGW realists think:

"We know what is good for America and the world. It’s a future without fossil fuels. We can’t persuade the people’s representatives to support our agenda and turn it into law. Therefore, it is necessary for EPA to ‘enact’ our agenda regardless of the defeat of cap-and-trade, the November 2010 elections, and the separation of powers. The triumph of our agenda is more important than any constitutional principle that might interfere with it."

Just really stupid.  But the funny part is reading the WUWT comments.  Apparently they think it's a quote, not from globalwarming.org, but directly from the Democrats.  So they start responding to the Dems (because you know, Waxman and Inslee read WUWT!), and saying their comments are probably illegal, etc. etc.  It's pretty hiarious how divorced from reality these guys are.