2011-03-16 21:00:40Readability of skepticalscience.com web pages


This site performs an important function in advising the general public. Currently, the web pages are much easier to read when in 'posting a comment' mode than in their original form. The reason is surely because the column is much narrower in that mode. It is not for nothing that newspapers are printed in several columns instead of simply in a single column across the width of the page. If some way could be found to narrow the width of the original skeptical science postings, they would be easier to read and thus the public would have an unnecessary impediment to their understanding of the subject removed.

Sorry if this seems trivial, but honestly, ask yourself if this site is going to change your overall view of AGW. The general public are much more uncertain than those on both sides of the argument within the scientific community are. In the end it is the majority view of the public (and hence the way they will vote) that is going to most influence the way politicians (God bless them!) will act, or even act at all. The facts speak for themselves, let's help them speak in the clearest way possible.

2011-03-16 23:32:45
Paul D


I am not sure what you mean??

The central column doesn't change.

Having had a look at the BBC site, the column width is only slightly thinner, but the font is about a point or two bigger. Having said that, the BBC site has room on the right of the main text for quotes from the main article and photos.