2011-03-11 00:02:08The adventures of Poptech - the movie (featuring SkS cameo)
John Cook



2011-03-11 03:24:45
Rob Honeycutt


That's funny!

2011-03-11 03:29:44nice
Dana Nuccitelli

Hehehe that's good stuff.

2011-03-11 04:53:28
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Just goes to show you what to expect when:

  • You hit the road to tilt at windmills with no lance (no ranged weaponry means you have to close to engage the enemy)
  • You lack sufficient Armor Class (no full plate; only a breastplate & no shield...tsk, tsk)
  • You blow your dexterity to-hit adjustment so badly you inflict a "critical-hit" on yourself
  • You then blow your Divine Intervention (from your Dark Familiar) roll, getting the dread "all-circuits-busy" tone

Moth should've used a few strains from Carly Simon's "You're So Vain"

2011-03-11 06:36:51
Rob Painting

Funny as. I'm always thinking of cartoons and skits as a means to show the absurdity of the "skeptics". I imagine a running gag, along the lines of Monty Python, Hale & Pace, Smith & Jones (all old brit comedies) where we have "skeptic" version of everything.

For example;  "skeptic" detectives are hot on the trail of a serial killer, we see the briefing board with pictures of the suspect. As the detectives arrive at the house, they are met at the door by the suspect who is wearing spectacles. The two detectives look long and hard at the suspect and at their photo, the camera shows them flicking back and forth between the two (cue serious sounding music), eventually the "skeptic" detectives determine it can't be the same guy. They also justify this to each other by pointing out the guy in the photo has a green shirt whereas the guy they just spoke to has a red shirt on.

Then there the hospital staffed by "skeptic" doctors..........and so on.

I'd watch it!. 

2011-03-11 06:55:39Heh
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Speaking of Keystone Kops posing as "skeptics":

Dr. Boli's The Duck

2011-03-11 09:58:22


Cheers all and sorry I've been quite on this front recently.

I can always be contacted via wow.the.moth@gmail.com

I've got a few other ideas for Poptech, but don't want to over do it. The most prevailing idea is Poptech meeting Arthur the Grumpy Walrus, who he asserts musting be so grumpy as the handlers insist that he is - ultimately getting himself into a lot of trouble.

I might also mention that I've been working with a couple other on a new project called 'Generation Adaptation' which we hope to build into a great resource and networking tool for indivudals, groups and a communities interested in meeting the challenges of this century where they can share info / experience, find local events and project to which that can get involved and to promote for the less convinced evidence that change is possible, can be effective and could potentially reduce much household cost. The more people with ideas there better :-)

Also, feel free to re-post this animation anywhere - I really hope it gets Andrew a little annoyed - that bloke is simply beyond reason!