2011-03-10 16:30:35Stefan Rahmstorf


Yesterday evening I attended a talk by Stefan Rahmstorf which he gave in Stuttgart's earth history museum. The museum currently hosts an exhibition about climate change and they have regular talks about the subject to go along with that. Rahmstorf talked about the climate crisis and didn't mince words, and he had some interesting charts showing where we are headed. The audience was attentive and actually almost "gasped" at some of the information.

After the talk I quickly approached him, briefly mentioned SkepticalScience (which he had apparently at least heard of) and gave him a printed copy of the German translation of the Scientific Guide . As other people also wanted to chat with him, I didn't have a chance to go into more details.Should he ever get in touch I'll mention it here.


2011-03-10 18:38:16
Rob Painting

Got the ol' "brush-off" eh Baerbel?. Just kidding.  

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Nice that you had a chance to meet him. Looking over his background, I wouldn't expect anything too exciting to happen: He's already engaged in climate research and RealClimate. Maybe he will reference it; maybe he will give you a little feedback on the German version.