2011-03-05 17:45:46Yet another deep ocean heat paper
Ari Jokimäki


Another paper studying deep ocean heat appeared to my feed reader today. Abstract doesn't say much, though.

2011-03-05 21:13:34Hmm, interesting
John Cook

I haven't had a chance to get the full paper yet but reading the abstract, it says the deep ocean accumulated heat at a rate of 0.8 x 10^22. Roughly speaking (eyeballing the heat content graph), Murphy 2009 estimate global heat accumulation at around 10 x 10^22. So this seems to be saying around 8% of global warming is going into the deep ocean below 3000 meters (note these are very rough figures - Imay have hashed up my back-of-a-napkin calculations). This is quite interesting and would be worth a blog post if anyone is interested, particularly if the paper has nice figures that tell a good story.

If anyone is interested in blogging about this and would like the full paper, say so here.