2011-03-04 04:54:47Axe falls on UK Sustainable Development Commission


Looks like we are supposed to start our own people's Sustainable Development Commission to replace the official one. I can't help thinking 'the big society' is just an excuse to cut costs. However, perhaps this is a good thing since it might be more critical and independent? 

The proposed body would monitor all government departments and follow all relevant issues, providing a running audit of the coalition's pledge to be the "greenest ever government" 

The "people's SDC" idea seeks to create communities of experts who can analyse statistics and policy, rate government performance and lobby for improvement.

"One part of this is to create something like a Taxpayers' Alliance, but for sustainability," said Solitaire Townsend, co-founder and director of the communcations agency Futerra.

"The government has said it will put lots of data online - that's fantastic, but the average person is not going to go through and analyse it all.

"So we need to get loads of specialists to sort through it and start ranking the government - this would use more of a wiki approach and probably based on 'traffic lights', with green, amber and red for the government's performance, and done on a daily basis

2011-03-04 06:31:58
Paul D


Tax Payers Alliance??
If they see that as a favourable comparison, I'm not impressed.

2011-03-04 07:50:25


Indeed, the Taxpayers alliance seems more like an astroturf group fronted by big business. A sort of UK Tea party.