2011-03-01 10:06:39UCS climate tweet fight with Congressman Rohrabacher
John Cook


Got this from Aaron Huertas from the Union of Concerned Scientists:

.@danarohrabacher calls #climate change "natural." There are multiple lines of evidence human activity drives it http://goo.gl/WZsdq #hcsst12:57 PM Feb 17th via HootSuite

@UCSUSA Guess ancient climate cycles, like current one on Mars,which mirrors changes on earth, not product of sun but of human activity,12:37 AM Feb 23rd via web in reply to UCSUSA

.@danarohrabacher Human warming=fact http://goo.gl/TEAhMMars warming=myth http://goo.gl/jvBD3 Sun outputs don't=warminghttp://goo.gl/LC0TY

@UCSUSA your answer deceptive: talks Mars warming. Issue is Earth and Mars icecaps shrinking at same time. Coincidence or Solar impact?about 14 hours ago via web in reply to UCSUSA

@danarohrabacher That's a red herring about the Red Planethttp://goo.gl/GSq6g Burying your head in the Martian sands puts us all at riskabout 6 hours ago via HootSuite in reply to DanaRohrabacher

@UCSUSA U ignore issue: incredible coincidence or solar? Whose head in sand? Read e-mails, U trust your source. Warming has become change10:59 AM Feb 26th via web in reply to UCSUSA

@danarohrabacher You don’t want to understand. Denier talking points aren’t science. Skepticalscience.com covers all this.

@danarohrabacher CA-46 is preparing for climate change. Long Beach sees water supply impact.http://goo.gl/rQQE1 Denial doesn’t help.

Was tossing up whether to do a blog post about it, just reiterating the Mars rebuttal. If a congressman is digging his heels in about Mars, we obviously have a lot of work to do.

Also need to make the sks.to addresses more ubiquitious throughout the website to encourage people to tweet using more memorable addresses like http://sks.to/mars

2011-03-01 10:44:48
Rob Honeycutt

Particularly funny because Richard Alley sat there in front of Rohrabacher in December and pointed out to him that Mars is a very poor way to measure solar output and we have satellites in orbit that measure it extremely well.  
2011-03-01 11:56:47Rohrabacher
Dana Nuccitelli

Rohrabacher is an embarrassment to all us Danas from California.  The worst kind of denialist who will never let a myth die even when the science is explained to him multiple times, even by experts like Alley.

2011-03-01 13:20:18
Alex C


I think that the "Global Warming on Mars, Ice Caps Melting" rebuttal can be updated anyways.  The title, for example, implies that there will be discussion on ice caps, which there is not in either the Beginner or Intermediate.  I thought I remember reading somewhere that southern ice cap melting on Mars was either a conclusion based off of sparse data (another Fentonesque folly) or that it was more likely related to non-solar variables like seasonal change or albedo changes.  I had believed I'd seen this discussion at SkS but was disappointed when I didn't find it here.


Edit: Actually it was at RealClimate:


2011-03-01 15:27:38My rapid response to climate deniers
John Hartz
John Hartz

What happens on Mars stays on Mars!

2011-03-01 18:36:13Updating existing rebuttals
John Cook


Many rebuttals need a bit of a birthday. It's really a growing problem. I had this idea that would fix the whole issue in one fell swoop - turn the rebuttals into a wiki that any author can update. That way, it keeps records of past versions, plus who made the latest update and what they did. So if any author sees something out-dated, they can just go ahead and update it and let us all know if they want the forum to check their work.

2011-03-01 20:22:19


Maybe it would be a good idea to try this out on a limited basis, as an experiment, before going the whole wiki hog. We sometimes have strong differences, and I'm not sure that the situation would be facilitated by their becoming "edit clashes".