2011-03-01 09:19:01The Scopes Strategy: Creationists Try New Tactics to Promote Anti-Evolutionary Teaching in Public Schools
John Hartz
John Hartz

Under the guise of "academic freedom" creationists are co-opting some old heroes of the fight to teach evolution in the classroom for their anti-science campaign.


2011-03-01 12:26:32
Alex C


I recall reading some anti-evolution bills proposed by a couple states, such as Tennessee's, and also Oklahoma's.  They do appear to be following the same format, that they're only trying to give teachers the academic leeway to teach as they please and point out flaws in the theory of evolution.  This type of thinking has, if I'm not mistaken, failed before in court and will fail again if these bills pass.

In my personal opinion, if there were flaws in the theory of evolution, then if they are to be taught in school, they should be approached in this manner: "The theory predicts this; observations show this; we thus need to modify the theory to fit the observations, and scientists are working on more experiments and observations."  That is, I think, sound teaching of science.  Or, "The theory didn't predict this observation, so we need to modify our theory, so on," or "We don't have observations about this prediction, and we're working on getting some observations."

The extremely UNRELATED conclusion that creationists are proposing is that flaws in the theory of evolution, or even incapabilities of the theory to not explain all of our observations (at our current scientific understanding - we always might have better understanding in the future about a phenomenon), warrant the introduction of an entirely new "theory."  No, No, NO.  An idea is not scientific and valid just because you can mold it to fit whatever you want (Goddidit).  In science, if there is no theory to support an observation, there is no theory posited at all.  You don't place a theory in place of a hole until you have evidence that supports it.


All of this too, and they still cannot come up with any sort of legitimate complaints about evolution.  A solution looking for a problem.  Except it's not a solution, and there is no problem.