2011-02-25 13:09:56Nice recommendation of SkS from New York Times
John Cook


Am loving this google alerts I set up yesterday, it just informed me of a New York Times article that speaks of SkS:

Reading Deep in Climate Science
The Web does have some excellent resources, to be sure. I often send people to Climate Central, a fine site based in Princeton that works to translate climate science into understandable prose. For people starting from a contrarian bent, nothing beats Skeptical Science, a Web site that directly answers various skeptic talking points, with links to some of the original science. And Real Climate is a must-read, since it includes some of the world’s top climate scientists translating their research into layman’s language.

I emailed a quick thanks to Justin Gillis, the journalist who wrote the article.


2011-02-25 18:30:20

That's good company!