2011-02-24 10:17:22Why I blog on comment threads...
John Hartz
John Hartz

Thanks a heap, Badgersout­h, Have copied and pasted more from you today than I have anywhere else in a long time. Now I can learn to speak to all the deniers I know. Fanned and Fav'd

2011-02-24 10:22:25
Rob Honeycutt

Badgersouth...  I get these kind of comments too (and you're way better than me at this stuff).  It's where I get that whole concept about there being a silent audience out there reading the comments sections.  Those are the people who we are trying to reach.  The deniers are lost causes.  But they provide a foil by which to get the message out to larger numbers of people.  The trick is to not get so exasperated with the denier that you lose the audience.
2011-02-24 10:27:00This one made it all worthwhile
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

After a long day hewing with the moderation axe in the wake of Protestant, Chemist1 and HR came this:

RickG at 08:02 AM on 24 February 2011
Prudent Path Week
Over the past several days I have participated in discussions over several threads as many of us have. I have seen many very well thought out and well presented arguments with the best intentions of helping all to understand the many aspects of climate science.

Conversely, I have observed many posts that seem to ignore the most basic principles of physics as well as the many requests to look at data and citations presented to them.

Many contrarian arguments have been thoroughly debunked by addressing specific questions and providing scientifically supporting evidence only to have the originator of the argument to return and say their question was not addressed.

I know many posters here as well as I have become somewhat frustrated with the experience. For the past 24 hours I have only observed posts from the "Recent Comments" page and begin to look at this from a whole new prospective. No doubt it was difficult for me not to respond to some of the posts, but I begin to realize something very important.

Anyone coming to this site seeking information and understanding with an open mind can easily see what is happening in the climate debate. One side presents only science with supporting evidence and references from the scientific community. The other side continously ignores the information being presented and even refuses to read any of the many articles presented on this site already addressing their questions. Any open minded person visiting this site whether they post or not can easily see this and separate the wheat from the chaff. In my opinion, I think the contrarians are their own worst enemy, if by nothing else, the tone presented in their own posts. As someone said in the "Meet The Denominator" thread, "you are the gift that keeps on giving".

Understand my above comments apply only to those posters who have no intention of engaging in meaningful debate and not the true skeptics who wish to discuss and exchange ideas.

Thank you John, Moderators and everyone connected with SkS for following the "proper path", rather than the "prudent path", with such a high quality site for us all to learn and enjoy.