2011-02-22 09:54:13When a Country Goes Insane
John Hartz
John Hartz

Hate is stronger than logic and more than anything else, Republicans love their hate. It’s the only thing that gives them power. The more vicious, the more loony they are, the more they are treated like savants, like prophets channeling some higher wisdom, come though it may from the self-loathing gutter of political prostitution. They pull stuff out of their ass and brazenly pass it off as stone tablets. And people swoon.

Of course, you can understand why. The media genuflect before gibberish and idolize idiocy. They are the media-tors of a Gresham’s Law of public discourse where bad information drives out good. For their own slick whoring they become “players,” while everybody else is left with a debauched civic currency, a crushed economy, and a collective impotence that makes true democracy and true prosperity impossible.

Alice in Wonderland would be amazed, even repulsed, that such cultural pathology passes for intelligence, even civilization. At least she stood up to the inanities of the Mad Hatter, the insanities of the Queen of Hearts, the arrogant deceits of Humpty Dumpty. But she didn’t live in today’s America.

The above are the concluding paragraphs of the article, "When a Country Goes Insane" by Robert Freeman posted today (Feb 21, 2011) on Common Dreams.


2011-02-22 19:51:01
Mark Richardson
I'm terrified by parts of American politics. Supplication to the Tea Party pretty much looks like swapping a democratically elected government for a shadow government of the rich. And in this case the rich people benefit from the suffering of others (through pollution, overuse of resources, global warming...) so that's what America will enforce in future if the TP get their way.