2011-02-19 19:55:28Book Reviews: should we be more active in writing early reviews and rating them?


Another media outlet for climate denial are book reviews.  A Google and direct search on Amazon found that nearly half the books are of a Sceptical or Denial tone.

We now have the opportunity to download electronic versions quickly. I was wondering if it may be worth someone placing an advance order with Amazon to ensure the first review is prominently displayed.  Of course the downside is that Deniers could play the same game, without even buying or reading the book. Another problem is do we wan't to pay these charlatans for political propaganda?

List for 'Global Warming' search term on Amazon.com

2011-02-19 22:58:13


Yes, I think that's a good idea. If we can put a dent in a skeptical book's impact and profitability, that will pay many times over the cost of one copy.

We should not write reviews without having read the book: The review should demonstrate a detailed familiarity and understanding of the book. That is how we distinguish ourselves from the "skeptics".

2011-02-19 23:13:03Reviews
John Cook

Perhaps I could add books to the rapid response network, for flagging new books to review.

Hoping for some reviews of "Climate Change Denial" from you guys too. I'd send some PDFs out now but the publisher is talking about sending watermarked copies for reviewing. Sounds like they're taking it a bit seriously but I guess they're just doing their job.