2011-02-15 10:20:06Anyone know someone at a major science journal?
Rob Honeycutt


I don't mean to pour fuel on the PopTech fire but I think he's brought up a few interesting points.  One being that it's almost impossible to tell how many articles I'm pulling up on Google Scholar are actually peer reviewed.  It does look like it's pulling on everything even if it's an editorial piece.

Does anyone know someone at one of the major journals would could offer any insight into what percentage of articles might be actual peer reviewed papers as opposed to non-reviewed commentary?

I tried poking around Nature but they're huge and it could take a lot of poking to get anywhere. 

2011-02-15 12:05:26
Julian Brimelow


Many of the big journals (AMS, AGU, Nature, Science) have internal search engines. Their advanced search does help focus the search.

Rob I do not know where you are, and i do not know where PT resides.  Not to sound paranoid, but be wary.  Hopefully he learned his lesson with Ian.


Maybe we can conduct an experiment...everyone stops commenting, and we see what PT does then..... ;)  We are just feeding the troll,  i have stopped posting, it is just playing his game. 

2011-02-15 12:08:52
Rob Honeycutt

Albatross...  Yeah, I'm about exhausted with the guy.  I hope this pumped up the comments for other more substantive articles.
2011-02-15 12:25:43
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

You could pull 5 copies of Nature & do a manual count & average the results; probably would be pretty close.

As far as P/T, he's plain psychotic.  Dead flat tone, no amount of logic sways him, internally inconsistent, can rationalize anything to make it agree with his worldview, unrepentent...

2011-02-15 20:03:47
Mark Richardson
Try Web of Science?