2011-02-11 16:07:54Articgate originator withdraws
John Cook



  • Harrison Schmitt, a former NASA astronaut who was chosen by Gov. Susana Martinez to head up the state's Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department, has withdrawn his nomination after a squabble with the Senate Rules Committee over background checks.

This is good news. I think the main factor is he refused to let them do a background check. Makes me wonder what sordid details can be found in his personal history.

I don't know whether all the Articgate kerfuffle raised by Mark Boslough at the SFNM, amplified by the blogosphere, contributed to this result. But it's a good result - the last thing we need is a diehard denier as Energy Secretary.

2011-02-12 04:41:26good news
Dana Nuccitelli
Yes this is excellent news.  The Republicans are already putting a bunch of global warming deniers in positions of power over energy and science issues.  We certainly don't need to add Schmitt to the mix, even if it's just a state position.
2011-02-12 04:45:33
Rob Honeycutt

The whole story is really fishy.  Apparently he pulled out because he didn't want to submit the terms of the background checks that the Republican Governor established.  Makes you wonder what's in this guy's past that he didn't want people to ever find out about.
2011-02-12 08:44:35
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey
Many of these people are deeply entwined with fossil fuel interests.  The deeper the ties, the more reluctant they will be to have these lucrative relationships exposed to the light of day.