2011-02-10 03:19:14This is shameless self promotion day
Rob Honeycutt



I hope you guys won't begrudge me a little shameless self promotion.  I was interviewed for a guest blog article on The Atlantic.


There is a line down into the article that says, "According to Honeycutt, 'Big things are on the horizon.'"  Well, the writer didn't quite let on to what I was talking about.  I was talking about climate change and energy issues, and how they impact manufacturing.

It's not a message I think manufacturers are quite ready to embrace but this is coming down the tunnel at them like the largest freight train ever.  


2011-02-10 03:48:39nice
Dana Nuccitelli
Very cool Rob.  Interesting article too.
2011-02-10 04:21:11
Julian Brimelow
Well done Rob...we all need to try and engage the local and nation media more.  i have written some op eds for our regional newspaper, it takes time, but this is important.