2011-02-10 08:31:10Heartland and friends misinform again
Julian Brimelow



Please tell me that someone is going to refute the lies, misinformation, distortion, cherry-picking and factual errors contained in this letter and related material.  

2011-02-10 09:34:54
Rob Honeycutt


John just made a post here that I think relates to the same "paper" on CO2Science.

It's a very long piece but certainly deserves an "Abrahaming." 

2011-02-10 10:11:38paper
Dana Nuccitelli

Yes, the reference is to the same CO2science paper and NIPCC report.  I think I'm going to do a post about how we're not worried about current temps or the current climate, but about future temps and future climate change.  The crux of the CO2science paper is that the MWP was warmer than today, which even if it were true (and as we know, it's not), isn't the point.  The rest of the paper is claiming that extreme weather events and other climate change impacts haven't increased - again, not true, but not the point, since we're concerned about the impacts of future warming and climate change.

I think the key point is that everybody would be thrilled if we could keep global temperatures at today's levels, but that's not going to happen, especially if we continue in the business-as-usual scenario the "skeptics" are pushing so hard for.