2011-02-09 12:44:26Climate Change to Force Mass Migration, Study Warns
John Hartz
John Hartz

“That weather-related catastrophes cause a lot of destruction is well known. But the prospect that increasing floods, droughts and storms will prompt many millions of people to migrate to safer areas is still poorly understood and anticipated, according to a forthcoming report from the Asian Development Bank (ADB).”

Source: “Climate Change to Force Mass Migration, Study Warns”, NY Times, Feb 8, 2011


To access the ADB report and related information, go to:


2011-02-09 12:46:45Blog post
John Cook

Is this worth writing a blog post and if so, would you be interested in writing it?
2011-02-09 16:38:08John Cook
John Hartz
John Hartz
In the morning, I'll check out the materials posted on the ADB website and get back to you. It's now 12:30 AM my time.
2011-02-09 19:20:56
Paul D


A few weeks ago the BBC reported a study that said mass migration wasn't an immediate problem.



It is possible that the title of the IIED press release indicates the organisation has an interest in supporting migration (with or without climate change??).


"Instead, social and economic factors play a bigger role in who moves, where they move and for how long — and most movements are of short durations and short distances. "

But climate change would impact on social and economic factors!