2011-02-07 07:56:10Internal Process Questions
John Hartz
John Hartz

1. If I come across an article or report that directly rleates to and perhaps updates a posted SkS article, what is the best way for me to bring it to the author's attention?  

2. If I have stylisitc (e.e., formating, editing, etc.) suggestions on how to improve a posted article, what is the best way for me to convey these to the author?  

3. How does an author alert everyone whne he/she has posted a draft article for review and comment?

2011-02-07 09:29:32Answers
John Cook


1. Post it in the forum. Either in the Authors Forum (which is where people post if they want to get the most attention) or the appropriate subforum. Eg - if commenting on a basic rebuttal, start a new thread on the Basic Rebuttals forum. If you have trouble getting any attention, email me at john@skepticalscience.com and I'll kick it along.

2. Ditto.

3. Just post it in the forum - either the Authors Forum or Blog Posts. Again, if it slips through the cracks, either bump it or email me.

2011-02-07 19:21:12Author to author contact-form?


An earlier suggestion I made might help as well for some of these questions: an enhancement to the contact-form so that authors can directly contact other authors and not just John.