2011-02-02 05:15:16Monckton's not-so-secret list
Julian Brimelow


Please check this out.  Look at the list of recipients to Monckton's email/rant.  Very telling.
2011-02-02 06:50:39
Paul D


Peter Sissons!

Ha, I knew he was biased.

He got relegated to an afternoon weekend spot. I think he has retired now from the BBC.
I used to get annoyed by his apparent bias in the way he presented a weather/climate story. It was never obvious but it was always there.

2011-02-02 09:10:42


Alan Siddons was quoted in that letter. I guess he had something to do with a "GHE violates the 2nd law of thermodynamics" paper; he is cited in some fawning newspaper article as a "respected climate scientist", and elsewhere as a "radioactive chemist". (Been tippling the wrong flagon, eh?). Here's the quote:

"Consider just these few words by Alan Siddons:
Surrounded by a vacuum, the earth has only one means of losing heat: by radiation. Gosh, could it be that radiating CO2 assists that process?
Ever considered that the vacuum of space has no temperature and is in fact the best possible insulator we could wish for? Earth does not need a blanket to keep it warm, never mind the electric blanket that the beloved “greenhouse effect” is concocted to deliver us.

Our atmosphere in toto always acts as a cooling mechanism and as a delaying cooling mechanism when the sun doesn’t shine on it.

We’d be a darn side warmer if we had no “greenhouse gases” to help radiate solar heat away into the vacuum of space."

What. A. Moron.

He was quoted approvingly by Hans Schreuder, a co-author of his on "A greenhouse effect on the moon?"

Two. Of. A. Kind

More ridiculous nonsense at:


with people competing with each other to be more off the wall. 


This reminds me of an old story, set in the Middle Ages in Europe, before the Arabs brought classical learning back: Two great scholars came to debate on a topic in mathematics. They debated for three days, but could come to no conclusion, and declared the mystery insolvable.

This was the question: "What is the definition of an exterior angle of a triangle?" 

Is that what we're getting to?

2011-02-03 01:56:50
Captain Pithart
Peter Hartmann

keep in mind that the list of contacts originated from schreuder, not monckton.

here's the best quote by siddons i know: "There is also no need to provide a ‘blanket’ to keep earth warm. The vacuum of space acts like the most perfect thermos flask. Space is not cold; it is empty, void of matter, and thus has no temperature."

http://planet-climate.org/wiki/index.php?title=Alan_Siddons (w atchU24)

siddons is part of the "Slaying the Sky Dragon" group, which are starting PSI. others are ball, schreuder, o'sullivan, hertzberg.