2011-01-27 16:57:10Singing in the Rain - Jame Hansen
John Hartz
John Hartz

Singing in the Rain

A discussion in response to a spate of nasty angry messages, aimed at keeping the focus where I think it belongs, on the inter-generational unfairness of not dealing with human-made climate change. ~Jim


2011-01-28 02:16:45
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey
2011-01-28 03:18:42OMG
Julian Brimelow

Thanks Badger.  I could not believe my eyes when I viewed that Heartland flow chart.....unbelievable. 

"Ping allied bloggers to pick up and comment on, monitor, and influence online coverage"

Actually, let me see if this works...nope the image is too big, John will kill me ;)  OK, how about this. Everyone please view this flowchart from Heartland.

They have a machine-- after reading that I feel like we are pi**ing into the wind.  I wonder how many of the people on the Guardian thread and the Pat Michaels threads at the Guardian (to referenc eto very recent examples and to put on my tin hat).

We have the same problem with forums in Canada (including the CBC)...a troop of hard-core deniers (not "skeptics") descend on every thread (and the same troops systematically focus on a particular agency) that even remotely refers to AGW.  IMHO, these forums should be stopped, unless they can be moderated properly to keep people on topic, otherwise they just get swamped by Heartlanders.

 I like the closing statement but I think it should read "......less damage to our common atmosphere and oceans".



2011-01-28 03:52:41


That Heartland foil is chilling.

Can we get that publicized legally?

2011-01-28 04:57:58NealJKing
John Hartz
John Hartz
Perhaps Rolling Stone would assign an investigative reporter to it.