2011-01-20 09:21:46Latest FEU report predicting 2.4C warming by 2020
John Cook


A few days ago, a journalist emailed me an embargoed report The Food Gap by FEU. They're an Argentinian environmental group - the report was about how global warming would affect food production. Their #1 result - the world would warm 2.4 degrees C by 2020. That's right, in 9 years. Basically, they failed to take into account the climate lag due to the ocean's thermal inertia (the author is a journalist, not a scientist).

My journalist friend had no luck in persuading the author that the science was wrong. I knew it would be a disaster if this report got released so I asked on a group featuring a number of climate scientists if they could persuade the author to delay the report until it could get checked out in more detail. The author replied that it was already checked by an IPCC scientist thus she was convinced the science was sound. The report was released unchanged.

And as expected, deniers are milking this for all its worth. Mark Morano spins it like this:

RealClimate.org vs. UN IPCC?! RealClimate.org's Gavin Schmidt smacks down claims: '2.4 C by 2020 (which is 1.4C in the next 10 years – something like six to seven times the projected rate of warming) has no basis in fact'

Eg - the fact that an IPCC scientist signed off on the report means the entire IPCC endorse it. Just the kind of truth inversion you expect from Morano.

And of course WUWT can be expected to milk this for all its worth: AAAS withdraws “impossible” global warming paper

You gotta laugh at this comment - the tinfoil hattery at WUWT boggles the mind sometimes:

Is it overly cynical to think that this was done on purpose (or at least exploited), so that the cliscis can point to it as an example of how they don’t agree with overhyped claims?
2011-01-20 09:50:11EurekAlert withdraws climate change paper
John Hartz
John Hartz

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