2011-01-14 11:37:07George Mason Univ. failure to investigate Wegman Report plagiarism charges
Peter Miesler

I just read a very disconcerting report at Deep Climate: "George Mason University's endless inquiry" into the Wegman Report plagiarism charges.  Quite disappointing since I was thinking that by 2011 something would be made public... silly me considering GMU's background http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=George_Mason_University

The write up makes it sound as though GMU is doing all it can to avoid actually looking into the charges and closes with a common sense paragraph:

 "Perhaps, then,  the obvious next step should be considered – a formal complaint to the Office of Research Integrity. And not against Wegman and Said, but against George Mason University itself. In fact, it is high time to recognize the obvious: GMU is simply not up to administering their own misconduct policy."

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 So how does one move along a political process dedicated to stonewalling?

2011-01-14 12:56:47Someone, please take action
Julian Brimelow

Normally I would not advocate this (I am against witch hunts against anyone, period), but in this particular case I strongly believe the overwhelming evidence against Wegman and GMU warrants someone filing a formal complaint with the Office of Research Integrity against GMU.

Anyone on this forum who is in the USA and who is in a position to move such a complaint forwards in the USA, I urge you please do so.

Thank you.