2011-01-14 04:59:37Attacks on Scientists and Science
John Hartz
John Hartz

Here's an example of how the professional anti-AGW bloggers are now attacking scientists and science in the US. This post, by the notorious "mememine", appears on the comment thread of the article, "Why Climate Science Divides Us, But Energy Technologies Unites Us" by Michael Shellenberger posted Jan 11 on Forbes.com. I have posted one comment as "johnmhartz." 

memeine's comment:

"The scientists don’t all agree on unstoppable warming. No, not at all and not by a mile. They all agree the effects will range from negligible to runaway heating and the vast majority deny out of control warming. It’s not even close. Time has changed things and consensus is one of them, both voter and scientist.
Our emissions have gone down according to “scientists”, yet the global CO2 levels keep going up.
Also, research on the effects of climate change is what almost all of climate science’s efforts and so what sense would it make to deny climate change (not pollution) yet do the effects of something that doesn’t even exist. Most research presupposes climate change as a factor in the equation to begin with. And stop sanctifying scientists. It was the trusted scientists we bowed to and their evil chemicals that made environmentalism necessary in the first place. And here we have now politicians using “lowering the seas and making the weather colder” as election promises. Immediately we discount lying politicians and now what’s left is the word of highly paid lab coat consultants to decide if I condemn my kids to death by CO2. What an embarrassing and foolish society of low brows we have all become. We consume our lives with guilt and fear and take comfort in it in some sick way. Is it a lazy learned helplessness? As an bitter former believer, I want them all arrested for leading our country war against a false enemy. From the lazy politically correct teachers to the news editors.
I urge all to email their D.A.’s."

To access the article and comment thread, go to:  http://blogs.forbes.com/energysource/2011/01/11/why-climate-science-divides-us-but-energy-technology-unites-us/


2011-01-14 09:36:43
Paul D


The language used seems to be the hot topic in the US at the moment after the Giffords incident.