2011-01-13 18:38:25Irony alert at WUWT: criticism of government ignoring alarmist report from scientists
John Cook


News re Brisbane floods:

The Australian cites covered up report of Brisbane flood danger

General gist - scientists warned government of dangers of flooding, government ignored scientists' alarmist warnings.

You can see the parallel here, right? But the meaning of this story is completely lost on WUWT readers:

revealed that the local and state government at the time were less concerned with flood risks and more interested in seeing property development in low-lying areas.
and more interested in getting that tax money

I have a great idea, let’s give government even more power and control……………
……..since it’s been proven over and over how great government is at running things

Sad, but not surprising, that pragmatic logic is trumped by emotional outpourings.
Science has been pitted against visceral response and gut-feel and has come off a poor second!