2011-01-11 20:01:25Queensland Floods
Glenn Tamblyn



Just a message of support  to you and your family and any other SkS's living in Southern Queensland. Mother Nature really is flexing her muscles. 

Where in Brisbane do you live John? The news has flood levels potentially higher than the 74 floods. I lived in Brisbane then, in Aspley, which wasn't to badly hit but it was frightning watching the lower sections of the city going underwater.

Take care. I'm not religious, but Via Con Dios.

2011-01-11 22:58:56Thanks, Glenn
John Cook

I live in Bray Park, not that far from Aspley. There is flooding in a number of adjoining suburbs. Wendy, Gaby and I went to the Strathpine shops in the morning. On the drive home, the radio informed us they were evacuating low lying areas of Strathpine. There's flooding within ten minutes to the north and west, but our suburb seems to be on higher ground.
2011-01-12 02:29:07

What do you learn from the topographical maps?
2011-01-12 05:16:49BBC Video
Julian Brimelow

Hi John,


Just wanted to second Glenn's thoughts.  Keep safe.


I just came across this scary video of the flooding in Brisbane, one often see the aftermath, but not the flooding in action.






2011-01-13 07:37:04
Pete Murphy
I have a  relative in Brisbane  but he are safe  ' He rents somewhere on Duncan Street