2011-01-05 00:46:12Off-topic: Daily Mail (UK) amputates half of Queensland ....


This is completely off-topic, but I was amused by this map (of course, the catastrophe itself isn't remotely amusing -- and I hope none of the SkS Aussie contingent are personally involved in this!)

The interesting question is ... where did the Daily Mail steal that map from? It's pretty clear that they took somebody else's map and added the labels for Emerald, Theodore, and Bundaberg (note the difference in the appearance of the red dot for those towns, vs for Brisbane).

Capricornia, a Non-existent State of Australia




2011-01-05 07:07:05
Rob Painting
Yeah, I laughed at that. The Daily Fail alright!.
2011-01-05 16:03:50indeed
Dana Nuccitelli
Yeah I saw that the other day too, on Deltoid.  Absolutely hilarious!
2011-01-05 17:46:33As Queenslanders, Wendy and I had a good laugh at this
John Cook

Capricornia sounds like a place from Battlestar Galactica