2011-01-02 08:00:15Telegraph account???
Paul D


Has anyone tried leaving a comment on The Telegraph web site??


I signed up ages ago and occasionally see an article to comment on. But when I log in, it says I'm logged in, but also has the login link still present. Plus no form appears for making comments.

Do you have to pay a subscription to make comments??

Does it only work with Microsoft IE?

Anyone else tried?

2011-01-07 05:48:50Telegraph
Pete Murphy

It's free at the moment .  I've had  a few problems  with an IE  so  I use Firefox  on this site  and it works a lot better .

You sometimes have to log out  and relogon  or  dump  the cookies.

For info  -  My account is petek  as someone had snaffled petem

Not sure the level of debate is that good -  the attacks seem to come in   triplicate (must be  a bureaucrat mentality)

I really annoys me that  some group  has declared this as their site . It's  linked with the  Telegraph  for general comment  and I  buy the paper  . Not sure if I'll have time to keep this up  after the Christmas holidays.