2010-12-24 15:51:16'Tis the Season
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

'Twas the last night of the AGU, when all through the convention hall
Not a booth was attended, they'd seen it all;
The posters that still hung were tattered and torn,
With strong katabatic winds they'd be gone by morn;
Young grad assistants all snug in their hotel room beds,
While visions of published rebuttals writhed in their heads;
When down the bar there arose such a clamor,
I sprang atop my barstool to apprise myself on the matter.
Away straightaway to the floor I fell like a flash,
Done in by Old Grand-Dad and a toke of Lindzy's stash.

Raising my head from the peanut shell-strewn floor,
What to my bleary eyes came through the back door,
But a little bearded man, so lively and glib,
With a large control knob he called Allie's Rib.

More rapid than gunfire his curses they came,
"Now MacIntyre! Now Christy! Now Lindzen and Choi!
Come Inhofe! Come Idso! Come Moncton and your hoi polloi!
You Singer, don't malinger, join Saliunas and Ball!
The CO2, you say, doesn't warm this day,
And Michaels, he says 'tis just naught but cycles."

"Wrong you all are I show you, come what may,
Dissembling your vice, your goal: delay.
No matter your sophistry and words elide,
The physics un-friend you and are not on your side."

"The Arctic is melting, the farmed soils they dry
As glaciers melt and fossil fuel CO2 fills the sky;
The world's oceans are acidifying, you know,
And Spencer?  He thinks clouds cause ENSO."

With that he sprang off, a press conference to hold,
A dervish of energy, a sight to behold.
As for me I lay still, lost in wonder and in thought,
At the legions of deniers who now must be distraught.

To each of you whom I've come to know,

Glad tidings I send, with all delight

This season of joy, this winters' night

May God's love fill your hearts, your souls His glow

Hold tight your dear loved ones, keep them near

In memory of friends yet absent, tip us a beer.



Merry Christmas!

2010-12-26 07:49:38comment
Robert Way

great job