2010-12-20 18:17:14Upcoming article on ABC Unleashed - please help in comments thread
James Wight

Possibly tomorrow, or possibly later in the week, an "opinion" piece about climate change written by me will be published on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's website, in the "Unleashed" section. I don't know which day it will be published, but I am mentioning it in advance because I expect it to be attacked by the usual cohort of climate denier trolls and would appreciate some informed, hopefully positive comments. After all, if the other side really is making organised campaigns in comment threads then we might as well do the same thing.
2010-12-20 20:36:47
Rob Painting
No worries mate. Just let us know when it pops up, otherwise i'll forget.
2010-12-21 13:22:12
Glenn Tamblyn


Good luck James - I will keep my eyes open for it. Not Up so far.


If you are really lucky, Greame Bird will show up. He can be a real hoot.