2010-12-19 17:20:55And Now for something Completely Different - Spam Poetry
Glenn Tamblyn


Amid the daily deluge of Spam, I am occassionally amused by examples of what I can only call Spam Poetry. Wonderfully bizarre gobbledeegook that is meant to make you want to click on a link! Sometimes I collect them for the pleasure of the creative genius that a random expression generator can produce.

This came in as 'Greetings from Clifton':

"Pickwick ran through mr harmon. Wardle and put all women in conclusion. Dowler had forgotten all right. Growled the size of leaving mr boffin
Fill up with such of snuff. Whispered jinks who would believe me that. Cried riderhood had closed in compliance with. Said mr harmon had disappeared with.
Since the hope that corner. Sorry to try the last. Cluppins was interrupted by dint of wine. Nathaniel pipkin was sitting down. "

Poor Cluppins!