2010-12-10 07:08:27Dessler paper on a positive cloud feedback
Julian Brimelow

Hot off the press:

"Estimates of Earth's climate sensitivity are uncertain, largely because of uncertainty in the long-term cloud feedback. I estimated the magnitude of the cloud feedback in response to short-term climate variations by analyzing the top-of-atmosphere radiation budget from March 2000 to February 2010. Over this period, the short-term cloud feedback had a magnitude of 0.54 T 0.74 (2s) watts per square meter per kelvin, meaning that it is likely positive. A small negative feedback is possible,but one large enough to cancel the climate’s positive feedbacks is not supported by these observations. Both long- and short-wave components of short-term cloud feedback are also likely positive. Calculations of short-term cloud feedback in climate models yield a similar feedback. I find no correlation in the models between the short- and long-term cloud feedbacks."


Paper available at RC.  


Roy Spence ris not amused and shows his true colours.

2010-12-10 15:07:34Spencer's tactics
John Cook


Spencer is a piece of work. He has his blog post refuting Dessler ready to go so it went live the second the embargo lifted on Dessler's paper. That same day, he held a press conference in Cancun to refute it.

It's a reminder that he's playing hardball and playing politics - one must be aware of the fact that you can't deal with these people in good faith - they're waging a long-term political campaign to cast doubt and delay action as long as possible.

2010-12-11 05:10:58agreed
Dana Nuccitelli

Spencer has really slid down the slope from 'skeptic' to denier, and his blog has become more and more conspiracy-filled.  It's been pretty sad to watch.

I'm going to try and put together a blog post on this paper tomorrow as an addendum to my last one on cloud feedbacks.  It probably shouldn't take too long.

2010-12-11 10:45:47Dessler
Julian Brimelow

Thanks Dana-- look forward to reading it!  I do not know how you guys find the time.  The discussion at RC is interesting, contrast that with most of the comments at Spencer's site.  Al Gore features prominently on Spencer's thread.

They could do with your help over there Dana ;)