2010-12-07 20:19:54Seeking some input for a PhD research project on climate change education
Kieren Diment

My wife is conducting a PhD on climate change education in the school curriculum from a physics education perspective.  If you are interested in participating in the validation exercise relating to this topic, and you have some credentials as a working scientist please contact her by email at lorna@uow.edu.au.  Further information about this part of the project is below.  Please let her know you've contacted her via skepticalscience.com.



 "I would like to invite you to participate in a Delphi study. This will form
part of my PhD research, which aims to investigate high-school students'
understanding of the concepts underlying the science of climate change and
the ways they apply this knowledge in context. I am studying at the
University of Wollongong; my supervisors are George Takacs and Brian Ferry.

The purpose of the Delphi study is to determine the simplest
scientifically-acceptable model of the greenhouse effect and climate change,
and the scientific concepts which underlie them. The study will take place
online and will involve completing two or three rounds of a short anonymous
survey.  The findings from the Delphi study will be used in the development
of a concept inventory for high-school students. I have attached participant
information and consent forms: please email me if you are interested in

2010-12-08 11:10:15
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Sorry, kdkd.  If I were in a setting where I could help I would [not a working scientist, unfortunately; have to subsist on mere thousands per year instead of millions ;)  ]. 

It's hard enough in my day job getting physicians to even understand what's in the treatment guidelines, let alone breaking down complex clinical studies into parsable nuggets; something harder, like climate science, would give them coronaries...