2010-11-19 10:12:12Global Warming Could Cool Down Northern Temperatures in Winter
Julian Brimelow

Oh why does AGW/ACC have to manifest itself in such counter-intuitive ways.  Try and explain this to the average person on the street:



ScienceDaily give it a try:



I think that they may be right, only anecdotal, but the AO is about to flip into its upside down mode again (i.e., strong negative values), and we know what the result was when that happened last year.  Arctic sea ice is the lowest on record for this time of the year.



2010-11-21 00:47:54


My interpretation is that the loss of sea ice allows the cold arctic ocean to cool the air passing over it more thoroughly; and this air goes on to cool the northern continents.

The flip side of this is that the polar oceans are picking up more heat from this same air. So what is happening is just facilitated heat transfer between the northern continents and the polar oceans: It doesn't challenge global warming, it puts the emphasis on the "global", because the average temperature will still be going up.

2011-01-14 09:27:16weather as a heat engine
Peter Miesler

I'm disappointed we don't see attempts to explain this situation using weather as a global heat engine analogy.

See http://www.centerforinquiry.net/forums/viewthread/9338/#111490  for my amateurish take on it.  I know it's got its flaws - but it still seems a though this approach might make the situation more accessible to regular folks.  Just needs someone smarter than me to formulate it better.