2010-11-15 09:26:47Tamino Post
Robert Way

I thought this post was very interesting and important


I think he really made what he felt to be an honest appraisal
2010-11-16 01:20:21Ditto
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

I agree; mainstream Christianity often gets the shaft for extreme views held by some of its minority.  Much the same as when actual skeptics (there must be some out there) get lumped in with the deniers masquerading as skeptics.  Or when mainstream Muslims decry getting lumped in with their own extreme faction.  The peril of holding your tongue when you should be using it, I guess.

A needed post.

The Yooper

2010-11-16 03:34:51excellent post
Dana Nuccitelli

Very off topic, but an excellent post.  I've had the same thoughts myself - nice to see a blogger I respect put them in writing.