2010-11-02 11:10:17New study, benefits of elevated CO2 limited by nitrogen supply
Julian Brimelow

Hi all,


I'm taking the  bold step of posting here for the first time. Thought that people would be interested in the results from this new study.





2010-11-02 18:09:15
Rob Painting

Cheers Albatross (Alby?), hardly a surprising result though. Thought I might briefly touch on nutrient limitation in the advanced version of the Amazon Rainforest rebuttal.

By the way, plenty of unclaimed rebuttal's (hint, hint). 


2010-11-03 02:54:07
Julian Brimelow

Hi Rob,

No worries. That is funny, I once named a yellow-nosed albatross that we ringed "Alby" :)  I wonder were he is now...?  Anyways, feel free to call me Alby if you like.

Would love to contribute to the "unclaimed rebuttals" but I'm in the final stretch of completing my PhD right now.

Concerning the post, it is good to have a comprehensive study which can be uses to counter the "elevated CO2 is good for vegetation".  Well, yes, BUT.....