2010-10-25 12:58:31New movie on climate change in the Arctic from an Inuit perspective
Andy S


I heard an interesting radio program on a new documentary made on climate change from an Inuit perspective. You can listen to it here.

I haven't seen the movie yet (it has only just premiered).

The movie does not seem to have  a skeptical view of climate change at all but there were a couple of things that are sure to be taken out of cnotext by some of the skeptical journalists that we have in abundance here in Canada. One is that polar bears and other species are thriving, another is that the Inuit are confident that they will adapt and are even welcoming climate change. The central theme of the movie seems to be that scientists from the south don't listen to the locals. 

Two other interesting observations were that: a) freshly killed seals now sink, whereas they used to float, due to decreased salinity of the sea water; b) sunsets are now later than they used to be due to warmer air causing temperature inversions that change the way light refracts through the atmosphere. Of course, those observations are anecdotes and I am not sure whether the offered explanations are quantitatively reasonable. Actually I think that a warmer troposphere would increase the velocity of light, which would reduce the amount of refraction compared to colder times, leading to earlier rather than later sunsets.

2010-10-25 21:05:57
Paul D


NOAA recently released their 2010 Arctic report card: