2010-10-05 16:18:25Challenge to skeptics: Protest politicization of science


Cuccinelli is at it again. In his world, errors are fraud. See:


Presumably all our pet skeptics will join us in leaping to the barricades and defending science against lawyers and politicians?

Not holding my breath... 

2010-10-05 23:23:04


My impression is that most prominent "skeptic" papers have very serious problems of methodology or interpretation.  Creation of a legal climate where these kinds of problems are reclassified as "fraud" would pretty much wipe out the entire skeptic canon. 

For example, Pat Chylek is an actual scientist and from time to time a paper of his gets a lot of attention in "skeptic" circles.  But under Cuccinelli's rules of engagement, Chylek would have been hauled into court over this:



Then there's Loehle, Soon, Baliunas, etc.  All with objectively serious issues in their papers.

Cuccinelli must think that he can get away with attacking Mann without setting a precedent that will backfire on his own team.  He's probably right about that; recent US political history shows that Cuccinelli's party has been much more aggressive and successful in employing hardball tactics against their opponents than vice versa.


2010-10-06 03:11:01


Now that the batch of painkillers has worn off, it's clear the title of this thread was the product of of drug-induced euphoria.

No wonder people get addicted to opioids; Poe-style narcotics ease the pain of looking at certain annoying features of the world.  

2010-10-06 14:43:20scumbag
Dana Nuccitelli
Cuccinelli is such an incredible scumbag, abusing the powers of Attorney General for his own personal political gain.  It's a travesty that he's allowed to get away with it.  Somebody needs to turn the tables and hold Cuccinelli accountable for his witch hunts.