2010-09-29 01:09:02A better Lord to worship, or "Hot Lord on Lord Action in the MediaDome!"


Monckton's been taking a lot of punches lately. Thre real question is, how in the world did Monckton become the global emissary of British scientific thinking on climate change? 

In one corner of the ring, carrying the standard of paltry primogeniture via meritorious bureaucratic service in ancestry and present incarnation and armed with a full-up degree in Classics plus a congenital case of verbal dysentery, Chris Monckton. 

In the other corner, not quite as far up in the aristocratic pecking order with a mere life-peerage earned by himself rather than Grandpa, Sir Martin John Rees, Baron Rees of Ludlow, OM, FRS, ETC, ETC, President of the Royal Society, Master of Trinity College, cosmologist and astrophysicist.  

Guess who gets called to testify for the hayseeds-for-hire in the U.S. House?

Anyway, Martin Rees has an ability to pull his head back in from the cosmos and speak effectively to us Earth-dwellers. Here are a couple of Rees items via the Kiwi site HotTopic:

Wake the World, by Anthony Giddens and Martin Rees.

The BBC talks w/Martin Rees about climate change.  

Note that the BBC is fully signed on with the concept of "artificial scarcity" and thus the video interview itself has been deemed too valuable for most of the world to view. The essence of the conversation is conveyed by HotTopic via good old-fashioned words in print. 

2010-09-29 17:37:15One reason Monckton rides so high


may be that the UK's libel laws are so heavy: If you insult someone in public, the presumptions is that you are being libelous, and the burden of proof is on you to prove the insult true. Heavy financial penalties. "Insult" can include saying "he doesn't know what he's talking about"; and "public" can mean, "in some way accessible to the UK populace". I believe you can be sued in the UK even if you wrote in the U.S.

So even journalists won't go after him very hard, unless they get assurance from their management that they will be protected. Scientists? Not a chance!

Here is a recent article on the situation:



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Sure enough Neal, a high bar to cross. I've seen some buzz about improving the libel situation in the UK but have lost the plot on how that's going.

I suppose Monckton's international promotion comes down to a matter of available revenue; peanuts to send him scurrying around the globe with his laptop. 

2010-10-02 23:05:19this is soul-warming


watch to the end:


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Robert Way

I actually love that video... lol
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OK, I just have to note for the record that the title of this particular thread is just about the weirdest I've run across in a decade of reading online forums (preceded by 15 years of involvement in Usenet newsgroups).

Congratulations, Doug!