2010-09-19 14:42:12Great climate blog by OECD
John Cook


Just got put onto this OECD Fact Blog. The CO2 posts alone have some great resources:


Good to know where most of the CO2 emissions are coming from, in a simple, digestible graph.


Yeah, we Aussies suck, sorry about that :-(




2010-09-19 15:53:30Comment
Robert Way

The striking part for me is how much of the other greenhouse gases you guys emit... be interesting to see a radiative forcing per capita :P haha
2010-09-19 19:42:38Yes, I've been accused by members of my household of emitting my fair share of 'other greenhouse gases'
John Cook

Sorry, couldn't resist the dad joke :-)
2010-09-20 04:42:31
Paul D


Actually now China passed 5 tonnes, they have a large footprint per capita.

In the UK we get (or did get) people (mainly car drivers) saying 'yeah but my car transport emissions are a tiny part of the global total'.
Then when you clarified their error by pointing out that their car transport emissions per capita was a lot bigger, they would get flustered.

Generally I prefer the per capita figures than total national figures. The reason being that you can take the per capita figures and scale them up based on the global population, which then shows that it would be impossible for everyone to have high per capita footprints.
They also have direct implications on individual behaviour in relation to others.

BTW, it is well known that the UK emissions figures are incorrect, because they exclude emissions embedded in imported goods, especially goods that were once produced in the UK. You can probably knock off 20% to 30% of China's emissions and add 20 or 30 percent to the EU, US, Australia etc.

2010-09-20 07:49:57
Rob Painting

John, so Australian dad's are the problem? (imagine smiley here).



2010-09-24 13:46:03


Yes, Australia! And as a proud part owner of the second-highest bar, may I just deflect more attention by pointing out that Australia exports gobs of coal to China? 

Some coincidence, the Heritage Institute holding their next conference of climate clowns in Sydney... 

2010-09-24 14:43:32Sydney climate skeptic conference
John Cook

We have a very active bunch of skeptics here in Australia - Jo Nova, David Evans, Bob Carter, Ian Plimer. We certainly do like to punch above our own weight, we Aussies :-(
2010-09-25 13:01:27Aussies
Dana Nuccitelli

Don't feel bad, I've seen some figures with the USA above Australia in terms of per capita emissions, and Canada is right up there with us.

Sydney seems a strange place for a Heritage conference.  Isn't that like having a 'skeptic' conference in San Francisco?  I mean I understand having the conference in Australia, but do it in some backwater town, maybe one with a big ol' coal mine or something.