2010-09-13 14:51:15Is it sad that I found this hilarious?


Conspiracy theory with Jesse Ventura.

The best part may be Dr X, a mysterious character who is "hiding for his life" in the wilderness, "threatened with death, if he goes public, and defies the global warming crowd".

"Why are they trying to destroy me?" he asks.

I'm sure Phil Jones and Mike Mann would have a thing or two to say about that.



[EDIT: On a side note, I recently had a brief email exchange with Ben Santer. I asked him about his 2008 rebuttal to Singer et al, and some of McIntyre et al's counterclaims. He didn't want to discuss it over email:

" I'm a little reluctant to put comments about Mr. McIntyre in my email correspondence."

 Gee, I wonder why.

Anyway, he was nice enough to offer to call me, but I haven't heard from him, so I'm guessing he has other things on his mind. I don't really feel like pressuring the guy, so I'll just try to get my answers elsewhere.]

2010-09-13 18:01:20
Paul D


Oh dear, oh dear.

June Sarpong in Jesses investigation team is a well known ex Channel 4 presenter in the UK. She was very popular.

To her credit in that video, she seems to have the right skeptical attitude, but seems to get over-ridden by Jesse.

Actually the thing that stands out is the claim that they believe in global warming, but travel using 4x4s and by flying.

2010-09-13 18:17:11Travel using 4x4s?


They must have tough behinds. In my day, they traveled by broomstick.

UPDATE: Oh, you mean cars. I've been living in Munich so long I don't think about cars anymore.