2010-09-04 06:27:05Anthony Watts shuts down Steven Goddard


Long, steep learning slope but Watts reached the top (bottom?) it seems. 


Carbon dioxide snow in the Antarctic was ok, but changing the triple point of water to 1 bar is unacceptable.

The end of an era? 

2010-09-04 09:34:11highlight of the night
Robert Way

This is definitely a highlight in the last few weeks for the blogosphere!
2010-09-06 02:24:27Steven Goddard


I've seen his name before, but I don't have a good sense of who he is or what he does.

 What's the scuttlebutt on him?

2010-09-06 03:08:51


Steven Goddard has been writing startlingly wrong stories about climate change for some years and is a minor celebrity among denialists of the type who effectively have no grasp of physics and are of a conspiratorial bent. He has a faithful following among this subset of the selectively credulous although the people self-selecting into his camp have diminished in number as his musings have diverged ever farther from reality. Correspondingly, he has increasingly become a figure of fun in comments at rational climate blogs.

Goddard was the fellow who attracted my interest in more closely following climate science and participating at climate blogs. He authored a series of articles for the online IT news site "The Register"  that were not only factually wrong but actively corrosive to public estimation of the character of scientists in general. For my part I found his freely administered accusations of fraud enraging to the point that I felt compelled to make comments on his articles both at the Register and at RealClimate. I've corresponded w/Goddard via email and-- unless he's completely psychopathic and thus a remarkably facile and fluent liar-- I'm  pretty sure he invests his full personal faith in what he writes. 

"The Register" has not carried any Goddard material for a couple of years, perhaps because at root they still have some loose attachment to conveyance of facts. Meanwhile Goddard has been given free run at WUWT where he has promulgated an amazing variety of misconceptions. This business of Watts publicly checking and upbraiding Goddard seems a notable punctuation mark for WUWT. 

2010-09-06 05:24:18


It looks as though that was scheduled to be his last WUWT session anyway, regardless of what he was saying about the triple point of water.

Maybe his career of error will turn out to have been a net positive, if he turns people off to anti-knowledge.

2010-09-06 09:10:56stunning idiocy
Dana Nuccitelli

Almost every single Goddard post over on WUWT has been mind-bogglingly stupid.  A couple of times even Watts was embarrassed by it, including in this case and this one:

"My apologies to readers. I'll leave [Goodard's idiotic post] up (note altered title) as an example of what not to do when graphing trends, to illustrate that trends are very often slaves to endpoints."

Tamino at Open Mind has debunked errors made by Goddard so many times that he could probably write a book on the subject.

If it's the end of Goddard on WUWT it's almost a shame, because his posts were always good for a laugh.