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The original paper: M. Ogi, K. Yamazaki, and J.M. Wallace, 2010: Influence of winter and summer surface wind anomalies on summer Arctic sea ice extent. Geophysical Research Letters, 37, L07701. (No. 13 as listed here).

Nature (research highlights, 18 March 2010): Geoscience: Wind-blown ice. (Nature's short headlines are like riddles, and I do not want to comment on this. I just include it for its content which the journalists probably read.)

Guardian (David Adam, 22 March): Wind contributing to Arctic sea ice loss, study finds. (Fair headline.)

Telegraph (Geoffrey Lean): Good news as research suggests global warming does not directly cause all the melting of Arctic ice. (This is a commentary in a blog, and the headline shows what the commentator thought rather than what the paper said.)

Daily Mail: Arctic winds and not global warming 'responsible for much of record loss of sea ice'. (Misleading.)

Fox News: Winds, Not Warming, Leading to Arctic Ice Melt. (False.)


Via Michael Tobis in a post appropriately titled "Broken Telephone." 

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I know I should get "angry" at that, but I can't help but giggle - in a very manly way, of course.

It kind of reminds me of Stephen Schneider's anecdote (from here I think: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXaruC4vJCU) about how a paper he wrote on the prediction that another ice age would come our way did the rounds in the media, and at some point someone left out the paragraph that said "in about 20000 years". Oops.

2010-09-03 12:38:15par for the course
Dana Nuccitelli
Indeed, gross misrepresentations of climate science papers has become par for the course for the Telegraph, Daily Mail, and of course Fox News.