2012-01-27 10:45:24Changing the tone of the Climate Change discourse - Simon Donner - The Energy Collective
John Hartz
John Hartz

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2012-01-28 09:43:00Great post by Simon Donner
John Cook


This is a great post and I encourage all SkSers to consider his notion of the "long game". What we're doing with our climate communication is a marathon, not a sprint, and we need to adjust our strategy accordingly. While it's fun getting into stinks with Pat Michaels and Anthony Watts, we should be thinking more long-term than spats with denier blogs. The Consensus Project is an example of taking a longer view - developing a long-term campaign of seeping the notion of a "strengthening consensus" into the public consciousness. We should be thinking of other long-term projects that while not providing the immediate hit of a short-term controversy, will have a longer-term effect on the public perceptions of climate change.

2012-01-28 10:59:07
Rob Painting

I disagree that's it's fun for SkS to get into stinks with the deniers. It one thing that pisses me off. It allows being distracted, and it happens all too often. And the to-and-fro is too technical for most to understand. It's like listening to two Kalahari Bushmen debate - what did they say, and who won?

We need clarity, the deniers only require uncertainty.