2011-09-29 08:47:50"Kill the Messenger" -- A new book by Maria Armoudian
John Hartz
John Hartz

Here’s the take away paragraph of a review of Maria Armoudian's new book, “Kill the Messenger”

“An illustration of the problem is found in a chapter of the work that deals with the lack of popular awareness of the dangers of climate change. Armoudian summarizes the means by which oil giants and other corporate interests have framed a debate far outside the bounds of global scientific consensus. However, it is unclear what a concerned American media activist is to draw from the material presented in the earlier reporting chapters to inform a response to this. The conventional conformity of mainstream media does not work the way it did in Rwanda or Nazi Germany. Speech is not restricted in the United States; it is mainly overwhelmed. The challenge presented to media activists is not so much direct suppression as marginalization.”

Source: " ‘Kill The Messenger’: New Book Examines How the Media Has Perpetuated Both Good and Evil” Alternet, Sep 27, 2011

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