2011-09-27 00:13:59Wash Post: Military spearheads clean energy drive
Tom Smerling


An unusual front-page article appeared in today's Washington Post today 9-26-11) "Military Spearheads Clean Energy Drive".  The "security-related narrative" about climate has been around for a while, but rarely makes the front page.  

National security offers an interesting "foot in the door" with conservative but open-minded skeptics.   It can be a novel way to begin the conversation (or article, presentation) with some people.

The security storyline has several "sub-plots,"

1) the security risks of climate change as a "threat multiplier" (see CNA reports), and

2) the military switching to renewables faster than civilian society.    An striking example of this is the US Marine Corps "Expeditionary Energy" program.   A well-attended July 27 briefing on Capitol Hill on this topic was dubbed:    "More Fight, Less Fuel:   The Defense Dept.'s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Initiatives, hosted by EESI.

It's pretty well-established that people understand the world through storylines -- or narratives.    To be effective communicators, we need to be aware of which narrative we are using, and other options.    ClimateBite's is constructing a list of "alternative climate narratives" i.e. different ways to tell the climate story.   Your feedback would be of interest.